The EUROSIT showroom, Rue d’Anjou, in the 8th district of Paris, a stone’s throw from the madeleine church.

Welcome to the EUROSIT Showroom

The centrally located showroom offers a meeting place for organising work sessions and the opportunity to find solutions using EUROSIT products.
It’s a great shop-window for our very latest seating solutions, where we can really show off our creations and 100% «Made in France» expertise.
There’s a friendly atmosphere and a general feeling of well-being – these are not just workspaces, they’re lively places echoing with dialogue and exchange.

A VIP Co-Working Space Just For You
This VIP Co-Working space offering both a meeting room and a lounge area is available free of charge to clients, partners, architects, space-planners, PR, suppliers etc…

Do not hesitate to come and discover this world of French seating by contacting us by phone at:
(+33) 1 45 15 20 10
Or email:

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Zone Industrielle Saint-Eloi - BP 11
10, rue Georges Dufaud
58028 Nevers Cedex


9, rue d'Anjou
75008 Paris

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