Studies and Services

Customised solutions

Comprehensive approach

We work with our clients upstream to find out exactly what they need and thus prepare a detailed specification.
We prepare all the appropriate documentation (catalogue, colour chart, technical data sheets, etc)

Comprehensive solutions

Eurosit searches the Group’s various entities and brands to find the most suitable products for a truly comprehensive solution. Since a space-planning company joined the group, EUROSIT has also been able to offer customised seating solutions, unusual items of furniture and even “seating- based creations”. In addition, partnerships have been signed with 5 European manufacturers, enabling us to include products we do not make ourselves when seeking to put forward a comprehensive offer.
We have been able to form these partnerships because we have set down criteria both in terms of quality and environmental approach (which must meet ours) and after analysing precise social factors with respect to well-being in the workplace.

Creation of specific products

Products suitable for disabled persons

The disability protocol, a special department
“ To stop feeling different and have the same ‘station’ as everyone else”. Specially adapted items for people with disabilities …
With the help of ergonomists, occupational physicians and EUROSIT, people with disabilities can have their seats altered to better suit their particular body and their specific difficulties:
increased flexibility, cushioning and orthopaedic support, change of
camber, redesigned headrest, and so on.
EUROSIT offers a “Disability integration” service that adjusts and adapts a product (the same product as the others) to the particular body of a disabled person, insofar as it is possible to do so.

How does it work?

The user submits a request to their line manager and the occupational physician.
The protocol consists firstly in the user providing a written summary of the modifications desired (different seat height, side support cushions, forwardplaced headrest, etc.), based on a reference seat.
EUROSIT then sends an estimate for the whole job, and, once agreed, sends a first version of the modified seat for assessment and adjustment. The protocol is usually conducted at our showroom in Paris or the Nevers factory, but can be performed by doctors and ergonomists, together with the user.

Studies and concept creation

Since 2018, all our new product designs are far easier to separate down into their individual components and sub-assemblies, with the aim of facilitating maintenance and improving the durability of the materials used, which are in turn the products of eco-social design. Production process: introduction of remote stations, low electricity consumption, assisted handling, automated lifting, systems presented in such a way as to allow them to be screwed together at a comfortable height - resulting in the most ergonomic workstations possible. Products are created with the help of expert subcontractors - priority is given to local or regional companies in 80% of cases.

Installed product management

Product identification

EUROSIT can manage the seats it has installed for you using special software, with bar code identification from the moment the goods are shipped and allocation via our extranet according to destination.

Identification by:

  • Seat bar code
  • Date of manufacture
  • Delivery date
  • Guarantee management
  • Management and inventory of furniture available
  • Allocation of address zones

Our production and sales management system can monitor installed products by assigning address zones.
Traceability management enables us to give a serial number to every seat that leaves our factory and address it via a ‘referencing’ label.

Such material management modules can generate:

  • Periodic maintenance operations on each item identified.
  • Identification of each seat by its reference, site and zoning office.
  • Site inventory management.
  • After Sales Service management: this management system requires knowledge of the purpose of the ASS operation (accounts/ ASS and maintenance/movement traceability), in order to determine possible modes of operation.
  • Installed product maintenance management.

Refurbishment and in-situ product life extension in-situ

EUROSIT has introduced a renovation service to prolong product life by replacing seats or mesh covers. To this end, all products created over the last 10 years have easily removable or replaceable components that facilitate in-situ renovation.
Changing a stained seat is easy, no tools required - a real boon and something that is fully in line with our sustainable development approach, as the products can thus go on being used for much longer.

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